The whining is over

As I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve had a horrible whine in the port shaft ever since Seaview West put the new shaft in. The whine starts about 1000 rpm, gets louder through our cruising speed of 1650 rpm, and disappears about 1900 rpm. At normal cruise the whine was so loud, we had to close the aft stateroom doors. There is nothing wrong with the work Seaview did, so the propeller is the likely suspect.

Saturday, we motored over to Seaview West to haul the boat and work on the prop. It was a beautiful day for boating. A bit breezy, but beautiful.

mv Archimedes headed for Seaview West at Shilshole Continue reading

Spring Haul Out

I got an early start Friday morning. Left the dock at 6:00AM headed over to Seaview West at Shilshole. It’s time to haul out, clean and paint the bottom, check the zincs, and take care of a few other little odds and ends.

It was a fantastic morning for boating. Here is a photo coming out of Agate Passage.

mv Archimedes Sunset on the way to Seaview West Boatyard Continue reading