We have a drone!

Actually, it’s quadcopter. A DJI Phantom 2 Vision + quadcopter. It shoots stills and hi def video.

We took the new toy with us on our recent visit to the Gulf Islands. Here’s a collection of short clips I put together from the trip. Watch it full screen!

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Spencer Spit to Prevost Harbor

I am going to try and get caught up. I am still a few days behind what’s going on. We left Spencer Spit late morning headed for Stuart Island. Still no rain, but plenty of clouds. We let Cindy do the driving.

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Seattle to Spencer Spit

I had an idea that I would more or less live blog the trip north to the San Juan Islands. Look! Passing Point No Point and so on. Instead I did nothing. That was five days ago now and I am just getting around to posting something. It’s probably good that I didn’t blog along the way. At eight knots it would not have made for exciting reading.

We left Seattle early Sunday morning and headed north on the outgoing tide. It was wet when we went through the locks.

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Spencer Spit to Montague Harbour

We’ve been out of Internet contact for a few days so I am trying to get all the posts caught up.

A few morning sprinkles and a nice rainbow as sunrise greeted us.

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Seattle to Spencer Spit

We departed Seattle Saturday afternoon. The plan was to get outside the locks so we could motor north early. Lots of boats waiting so we all ended up in the large lock. The large lock is easy, but it is always interesting. The larger boats tie to the wall with the smaller boats rafted to them. As soon as the gates open, they announce “larger boats first”. Invariably, the small boats all rush in. There is no where for them to go and no way for the larger boats to get in. The lock attendants patiently sort out the chaos and we all eventually end up where we wanted to go.

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