Be kind to your dinghy

As the title suggests, we have not been kind to ours. We expect our dinghy to transport us to shore and back, take us exploring, adventuring, joyriding, and perhaps even rescue us in the event of an emergency. Yet we treat ours poorly. Not intentionally. We always have the best of intentions. I’d call it benign neglect.

We’ve had our boat a bit over six years now. The inflatable came attached to the stern. Back in early ’12, we installed new davits, seats, steering, and a new 20 hp Tohatsu outboard. For anyone wishing to relive that exciting story, visit this post.

Since that time, the dinghy has lived on the davits on the back of our boat. Good weather and bad. Tipped up on the stern, it’s convenient to use, but not to work on. We wash it and keep it mostly clean, but that’s just about the extent of our care. As for the motor, I check the oil from time to time. I also check to make sure it is still firmly attached to the dinghy.

The most recent abuse came from sitting in salt water for a month while our boat was in the yard. Barnacles and various slimy things were growing on it when we finally pulled it out of the water. Yuck.

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Davits and Dinghy Mods

Archimedes came to us with a 12 foot inflatable and an 8 horse outboard. Not bad, but the little motor won’t get the boat up on plane very well. It would get there … barely, but not with two people on board.

I feel the need. The need for speed. Or … at least more speed than before.

Kim. Out for a test drive on Lake Union.

Steve Guyer, from Guyer Boatworks replaced the outboard with a 20 horse Tohatsu. Electric start. Electric trim. That’s right. She’ll plane nicely now. He also added a St. Croix seat and steering. Very comfy.

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