Brightwork – The trip home

We caught the early Coho ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria and a cab to Canoe Cove to pickup the boat. We met Don at the boathouse, fired up the boat and headed to Customs at Roche. Our plan was to get across the strait that night. The wait for Customs took a while. Quite a while. An hour. There was a just one sailboat ahead of us. While we waited, we had a nice chat with the gentleman from the sailboat. His name is Björn. Together with his wife (who was talking to Customs), they have been sailing their boat, Moon, around the world for the last fifteen years. After Customs, we headed south in the hopes of crossing the strait before dark. We soon realized we wouldn’t have time for that so we diverted to Aleck Bay at the south end of Lopez Island.

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Brightwork update number 2

Almost done …

Grand Banks rendezvous, day two

The last day of the Pacific Northwest Grand Banks Owner’s Association’s Grand Banks rendezvous in Roche Harbor is over. Lots of stuff going on today.

The weather has been fantastic, but that looks like it is about to change. Rain is on the horizon for the trip back to Seattle.

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Grand Banks rendezvous, day one

Most boats arrived Thursday afternoon. The official start of the rendezvous is Friday. A number of boats arrived Friday morning. We have new neighbors on both sides.

We met a number of people, looked at some great boats, listened to a few talks, and ate a bunch of food. We are off to a good start.

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Work Continues …

But the end is near (or at least nearer). With luck, this will be the last (or next to last) report before we get the boat back. Yea! Work on the doors continues on schedule at Thomas Marine Interiors. The new interior panels are on the doors. As you can see, this require many clamps. Mike is going to paint the outside panels and put in new glass as well.


Courtesy Mike Thomas, Thomas Marine Interiors

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Varnish Off, Varnish On – Part 1

She’s 35 years old this year. Like an aging movie star, it is time to take a short sabbatical for a little nip, tuck, and polish. For the next month or so, Archimedes has checked in to  Native Brightworks on Lake Union for some desperately needed brightwork work.

As you can see from the following “before” photos, it is definitely time. This is what most of the cap rail looks like.


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