Wrapping up the Grand Banks rendezvous

The day started out great. More sun and fine weather. By afternoon, the wind had come up and clouds had covered the sky. Before that, though, I went for a nice walk. There were many canada geese over on the grass. Many babies around. It’s that time of year.

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Water Filtration Project – The exciting conclusion

Just when you thought it would never end …

It does. Really.

Now that we have the boat back, I was able to tackle what was the easiest part of this project. I just needed to mount the accumulator tank and the pump on the new filter platform, and run new hoses between everything. I pulled all the old plumbing out and took it back to the house. Here is everything mounted up and ready for the hose.

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No joy this weekend

We did not get the boat back this weekend. I’ll admit I didn’t think this trip to the yard would end up taking a month. We’ve got to get it back next Saturday. We are planning to head north to the San Juan Islands Sunday morning. The Grand Banks Rendezvous starts Thursday at Roche Harbor.

I couldn’t work on the boat so we went kayaking. And fine kayaking weather it was indeed.

mv Archimedes kayaking Liberty Bay 2

I could sit and watch the world go by for hours on a beautiful Sunday morning like this.

mv Archimedes kayaking Liberty Bay 1

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Water Filtration Project – Part 3

First, let me apologize. I’m not really trying to turn this project into an epic event. If I’d done this when I had access to the boat, it would have taken half as long. Additionally, time to work on it is limited to weekends. And … we need to get the boat back next weekend so I can wrap this project up.  We are headed for a week in the San Juan Islands soon. With that said, here’s the progress I made this weekend.

This is where I ended up.

mv Archimedes filter housings mounted and plumbed 1

And here is how I got there …

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Water Filtration Project – Part 2

I built the beginnings of the new structure to hold the water filters last week. I modeled it based on the scribblings that pass for my notes. For some reason (entirely unclear to me now) I had written “18 inch height” on the notes. Between my feeble memory and the photos I have, I was sure there was more space available. I want to use as much space as is practical to insure there is adequate room to access and change the filters.

We popped over to Seaview West this past weekend to visit the boat and pick up and drop off a few things. I also wanted to verify some of the measurements in the engine room. I measured real good this time.

I based last weekend’s effort on my previous notes and measurements. Turns out I did have more room than I thought. So I made a new platform that takes advantage of the available space. I decided to call my first effort a “prototype.” Makes me feel better about doing it the second time.

Below are the old and new platforms. On the left side is the original (the “prototype”). The one on the right uses the new measurements. 24 inches tall rather than 18 inches. Same width. but a little deeper than the first one.

mv Archimedes filter mount proto and final

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Boat Yard Update

It’s been a week since we hauled out at Seaview West. The boat is on stands, the port prop shaft is “in the shop”. The bottom is painted and looking great. New house and start batteries are on the way.

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