Diggin’ these new Crocs

I am diggin’ the new Crocs Beach Line boat shoes. Extremely light and comfortable. This is ┬ánot an ad … unless someone would like to pay us. We just want to point out nifty products when we find them. I stumbled on these when I was on the hunt for new boat shoes. Crocs are all made of plastic (I think). These are.


I’ve been wearing them everywhere the last few days. On the boat, walking around town, and so on. Very comfortable. Even though they have laces, they really are slip ons. While the photo does not clearly show it, there are holes along the sides to allow water to drain out. I had the chance to explore the effectiveness of this when I washed the boat down yesterday.

Are they durable? I don’t know. I have less faith (completely without justification) in the material compared to leather and nylon.

The shoes come in interesting color combinations. The photo above is the most subdued combination. $55-60.

From Amazon.com:
Crocs Men’s Beach Line Boat Shoe
Crocs Women’s Beach Line Boat Shoe

From Zappos.com
Crocs Men’s Beach Line Boat Shoes
Crocs Women’s Beach Line Boat Shoes

If you buy shoes through the amazon.com link above, we’ll get about a dollar for fuel … or snacks.

2 thoughts on “Diggin’ these new Crocs

  1. I never knew that Crocs make that kind of shoes. Thank you for sharing this information. They look very nice!

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