Thetis Island to Otter Bay

There is not much to talk about today. The weather took a slight turn for the worse with thick clouds and some afternoon and evening rain in the forecast. We left Thetis Island and motored three hours down to the Otter Bay Marina on North Pender Island.

I am always amazed at the number of floatplanes in the area. Most are de Havilland Beavers. None are younger than 50 or so now. True workhorses. This plane landed at the Thetis Island Marina this morning.

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Princess Cove to Telegraph Harbour

We spent some time the last two nights laying up on the flybridge. Just watching the stars. We saw several shooting stars and a number of satellites passing overhead. Living in the city, it is wonderful to actually see the milky way. We used to be able to see this often when were children, but not too much anymore.

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