Just for fun – New Header Images

Just for fun, I created a few new header images and configured the blog to randomly select the image on each page load. No particular reason, I just like the photos and got bored with the old image.

The first image was taken just after we left Point Hudson marina. Headed south to Seattle.


Headed south for Seattle near the entrance to Hood Canal. This is about as calm as it gets.

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Otter Bay to Sidney

The RCMP boat Higgitt departed this morning. An interesting boat. They need more antennas.

Shortly thereafter, it was time for us to make the short hop over to Sidney.

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Thetis Island to Otter Bay

There is not much to talk about today. The weather took a slight turn for the worse with thick clouds and some afternoon and evening rain in the forecast. We left Thetis Island and motored three hours down to the Otter Bay Marina on North Pender Island.

I am always amazed at the number of floatplanes in the area. Most are de Havilland Beavers. None are younger than 50 or so now. True workhorses. This plane landed at the Thetis Island Marina this morning.

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